London Bridge incident now a quandry


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What are the Establishment now going to do regarding those people who confronted and disarmed Khan. It transpires that virtually all were ex or serving prisoners. One was the murderer of a fifteen year old girl.So do these brave people receive some form of acknowledgement of their bravery or because they are "Old Lags" are they going to be ignored and trashed by the press like our own Roy was?
Your thoughts welcome.


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I think it shows, above all else, that brainwashed Muslim radicals are on a different level to anything else we have going through the system.

And that Boris is spot on to say that these individuals cannot be treated the same as others and must serve longer terms for our own safety. While lifelong terrorist sympathiser Corbyn is completely way off the mark (surprise, surprise) in saying they must be treated on individual merit.


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From memory the prison/hospital grendon was used for sex offenders and those who were weird in some way or other.
I’ve read grendon and these prisoners mentioned on a few articles I’ve read about the ex offenders at the meeting.
Lots to come out yet me thinks?


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When you read about the murderer who killed the kid, he’d be in the weird category? Deffo more to this story.
Don’t think these ex cons are your average football hooligans, drug dealers, shop lifter types.

Kryan Bing

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No quandary for me - The OB should have used another couple of shots after hiting the terrorist and then accidently hit the girl murderer as well.

What the fuck was going on, allowing such a gathering of Pond Life in the same vicinity for some kind of nonce up, eductional party?

It will take many years of elections before the UK has any kind of a decent Government that it can trust to do the right thing for the average men and women on the street, rather, than pander to ANY crackpot gender or snowflake extreme left or right, in out, in out, shake it all about, shit stained do-fucking-gooders.

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