Lockdown from Friday!!!!


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I heard last week that schools are ment to be closed for a month from friday. Dont know how true it is
strong possibility one of my family is a teacher, they discussed originally closing a week before Easter now it’s this Friday so it’s very likely.

Peckham Lion

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They might close the ports and transport system but we'll still be able to walk the streets.
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This sort of talk just spreads fear throughout communities, which will lead to more panic buying etc, which is bad enough now.
Everyone needs to just chill and take one day at a time and listen to those in charge,whatever your opinion of them personally. You ain't gonna stop Boris and co from implementing what they want to do no matter how bolshy you get on here.

E18 wall

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Which very good source would that be?!
Fucking Dot Cotton? Whoever it is should keep their gob shut and wait until there is an official announcement.
Fella I was working in a GP,s house today, the gist I got was more about being able to keep the NHS from being overloaded with wankers.The type you've seen raping the supermarket.i asked a couple of questions and the answers were basically this virus is the real deal.