Lockdown after 7 days nw


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Boris never had any intention of this only lasting three weeks. He knows if he tells the truth people won't tolerate it. You can't believe anything a Conservative says.
China are all but over the Coronavirus because they learned by what happened with SARS and complied with regulations that were put in place, however, it will last a lot longer in the UK because;

1: Defiant c*nts don't listen
2: and are totally self righteous
3: Think of nobody but themselves
4: other selfish reasons... and the list goes on

So yes Artie, you are absolutely right... It's gonna be a f*cking long time mate before all this chit is over.... and that's a big IF.


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It's a case of mind over matter. Just relax. We were once anchored off the Shatt-al-Arab for 4 months. Swinging on the hook. Going nowhere and temperatures of excess 100 F. Biggest crisis when. We started running shirt of beer. Problem solved by swapping with a Dutch ship cases of "Castle" Lager for Johnny Walker. Once done a Pacific passage ar 8 knots and were 35 days at sea . The ship had a "Dicky Ticker" Our engineers were heroes. Anyway on both occasions we just laid back and thought of England.⁷

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Boris will have the entire indigenous population of Great Britain asking the same question.....are we there yet? are we there yet?
(fuck knows what all the newbies used to say....stuff like this is a very good goat)


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Who said anything about Corbyn? Boris doesn't know any more than us. He is being advised by people who have some understanding of the situation. He is just a puppet who has been dumped in a very difficult position and he is trying to handle it. He knows if he tells people that staying at home for three weeks will help beat this the majority will do it. Some will do it because they believe him and most will do it through fear. But if he said we need to stay at home for six months he would have a riot on his hands. It is a Conservatives natural instinct to lie but i would prefer the truth. If i need to stay at home for six months tell me that. When the three weeks ends an extension might reluctantly be tolerated. But after that the public will turn against him.
his too wishy washy for me.......say what needs to be said and tell people that's what's happening ...not " it's up to the individiual"....... His no Churchill that's for sure


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That's the way to do it . No mucking about. Cuff 'em and off to the slammer. Trouble is too many Snowflakes here would mean and cry and shriek the bleeding house down .