Kirkland Laing


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Real shame how his life worked out for him..... remember seeing him fight Rocky Kelly in Fulham in about 1987 , whole crowd against him and he ruined Kelly. A class boxer. RIP.


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indeed he did, and then went on ******, and lost his next fight, if he'd knuckled(!) down he might well have won a world crown, but his unpredictability was what made him so watchable
Just saw on Wikipedia that after he beat Duran he went AWOL for a year and spent all his winnings. In same period Duran went on to fight 4 more times and earn $6m!!!


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Excellent fighter

Sad news
Im sure it was him that a few years ago fell off of a balcony and was lucky to survive that from all reports
Or may be getting this mixed up with another boxer

From what ive heard he lived his Life to the full