Kill the bill


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It’s cringeworthy watching the police just push back these wannabe militants and allow them to shout abuse and engage in childish chat with the police lines. You can only feel sorry for the powerless pc’s who are let down by their command, who are wasting tax payers money.
If I stood holding that banner I wouldn’t argue If I got dragged off forcefully and nicked. Turning a blind eye to that is dangerous.

How many OB does it take to deal with at
most a couple of hundreds wanting a row (and at most throwing a few cones and placards).
Just steam into those bellends and if they don’t fuck off arrest them - plenty of OB and vans waiting around to arrest hundreds of the smelly irritating idiots. I’m sure their ‘mummy and daddy’ would soon pick them up from the nick and tell them not to do it again!

Watched the footage last night and listening to some of the women screaming abuse at the OB was embarrassing - I’m amazed how they all kept there cool and didn’t whack them (but we all know that’s what they want!)

Law and order In this country is fucked!!


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Mrs BP saw coverage of the "Kill the Bill" protests.
She said, " Why do these people want to kill policemen?"
There are no words.
:ROFLMAO: Oh dear.

Was watching a program when they sent someone off to recce island. After a pause my misses wheres this recce island. If they had a brain cell they would be dangerous. :slap:


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silly cow needs a fucking shoe'ing

So she has a panic disorder. What a great idea to go somewhere where there is likely to be a large crowd and possibly violence. And she lives in Wrexham and her partner lives in Wigan, yet they are in a support bubble, how does that work. Does he pop round every time she has a little wobble. What a load of old ginger haired bollocks. And the paper actually interviewed it.
Beyond me.