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This is a strong reminder of the rules because of a few issues recently....

Some have strayed into ignoring the rules and that brings heat from press and the authorities on those of us who run the forum and those who run the network. It is important to remember that this isn’t a big media company running Vital and hosting Millwall Online, it is two football fans who had enough of the big Sky (etc) owned networks and decided there was a place for fans to be fans. They don’t have big budgets or large legal teams and it isn’t fair on them or us to keep flouting not only the terms and conditions but also the law.

It is crucial users understand that YOU are legally responsible for your content.

The terms and conditions online should be clear to users, as stated, you are legally responsible for your content. We have no obligation to vet or monitor user content and this board is un-moderated. However, we are entitled to remove content in our discretion. You can alert us to objectionable content as explained below.


Do not make any comments which are defamatory, offensive, illegal, vulgar, obscene, abusive, threatening, harassing, sexist, racist, homophobic, invasive of another’s privacy or similarly inappropriate.

All users are entitled their opinions but publishing them when they are extreme serves no one any good, not the user, the readers, the forum or the network. The last thing anyone involved with Vital or Millwall Online wants is legal action against users or negative press when on the flipside we all do positive things for our communities including our charity fundraising, poppy sale campaigns and sponsoring a player.

We ask you politely but strongly to think before you post. Users can also help by using the alert button (which is confidential) so we can legally remove offensive posts (this isn’t ‘grassing’ it is simply helping us keep the forum working properly and within the realms of decency.

We need to get back to talking football more than some of the other stuff we have strayed into... there is an off topic section for those who want to talk about non football and non Millwall.

If posts are removed, having been alerted, please don’t waste our time asking why, the terms are very clear. We REALLY don’t want to start to have to ban but if users keep flouting the simple rules, it might come to that. Again, we REALLY don’t want to this, it isn’t right that you put us in the position of being the ‘school teachers’ we are here to talk Millwall as well, not to tell people off!

We don’t want to have to be nagging members or reminding users of their responsibilities, we also don’t want to lose this forum. Please help us!
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