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An unconvincing performance and a fortunate three points.

We did not start well. They had clear instructions to get the foot in, deny us space and try really hard to rough us up. We did not match them physically for about 20 minutes and by that time we were one down. A back pass to Bart looked very straight forward to deal with but he made an absolute pig's ear of it. He let it run across his body to his right foot and his feet got in a mess. He pushed it left and as he tried to clear it their Kashket stuck out a foot and it hit his toe and rolled forward into the net. A softer goal you would not see over Blackheath. Bart was crestfallen. They were over the moon and thought that they could push us even harder. We struggled to get a foot in the game and it wasn't until around twenty minutes that we started to compete with them. We were getting a lot of joy down the right. Jed was running hard and Mahlon was doing his best to support him. We had three decent moves which came to nothing. A good ball into the box was met on the full by Murray but it went straight to the keeper. A good free kick to the far post saw Smith and Cooper free and the header came across goal but came to nothing. The very best chance came to Hutch. A great free kick from Jed on the right was met by Hutch with the goal gaping from eight yards. He headed it down, their defender turned his back on it, it hit him on the back of the leg and went off for a corner. Hutch could not believe it! And it ended with us one down at the break.

GR told them, in no uncertain terms to up their game and they came out second half with a lot more purpose. We played a little higher line, condensed the play more into their half and pushed forward. It didn't take long to get back on terms. A great cross from Jed on the right was dropping right onto Smith's head and their defender pushed him over. The ref gave a pen and Jed drove it home for 1-1. We thought it was just a matter of time before we got our noses in front but they had other ideas. A really good inswinging corner went over Bart's head a sailed in but the lino spotted an infringement and ruled the goal out. Make no mistake, that was a very lucky break as I saw nothing to disallow the goal..
We took a collective deep breath and came again. Mahlon and Jed were still looking a threat and they were looking ragged and poor. To add to their desperation they took off the CF and put on Akinfenwa. If ever there was a prize to win for the most overweight, cumbersome and inactive player in the whole football league then Akinfenwa would win by a country mile. He broke into a sweat and had ten deep breaths just to run from the dugout to the other side of the pitch. We saw the desperation in their team and poured forward to score a decent second. Another cross from the right was pushed back to Leonard on the edge of the box and he hammered it home from twenty yards.
They made a couple more subs and Smith had another far post header which came back across the goal and hit the underside of the bar. Bradshaw went off and was replaced by Ben to play in the number ten role. Mahoney went off and was replaced by Fergie. A quickly taken free kick on the half way line by Cooper almost caught their keeper out. He fell into the goal and the netting collapsed and it took the groundsmen several minutes with bits of string and tape to fix it. They huffed and puffed but Bart stayed firm along with the defence. With eight added minutes we brought on Pearce who barked out orders and we saw out the added time to record another three points on the road.

Bart made a colossal mess to gift them a goal but otherwise was OK. Romeo looked solid at the back and was a threat going forward down the right. Hutch was only caught on the wrong side once but other wise was solid. Cooper and Murray Wallace were error free and probably shaded MOM. Woods was neat and tidy and Leonard was hard in the tackle and took his goal well. Mahoney was in and out of the game and rarely looked a threat. Jed, on the other hand was a thorn in their side down the right but gave the ball away cheaply a couple of times. Bradshaw looked busy but never really got a decent chance. Smith had chances but did not make the best of his chances. Ben looked busy and added some urgency for the last fifteen minutes. Fergie looked competent and Pearce helped to shore it up at the death.

They were poor and we were little better for parts of the game. We had some control but got out muscled in the early stages. Some would say that we rode our luck but others would say we can play so much better. The honest truth is we were lucky, especially with the disallowed goal but we won and maybe that is all that mattered. Or was it?


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Cheers silver. I agree the win was unconvincing but I don't think we were fortunate. Although we were not our best at times I thought we were by far the better team and deserved the three points. Wycombe were dire and it showed why they are bottom.

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Thanks Silver. We weren't that great, but I don't think we were lucky, just a bit better than them, who are a terrible team.


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Thanks Silver. We weren't that great, but I don't think we were lucky, just a bit better than them, who are a terrible team.
We hit the bar three times, scored twice and have a stonewall penalty turned down.

We give them a comical goal and they have a legit goal chalked off from a corner.

Wycombe were hardly unlucky.

Hard to see where Wycombe are going to get a point this season with the lack of quality they have in their side. Anything other than a win against that shambles can be considered a bloody disaster.
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We should have had a pen when Bradshaw was brought down in the first half, we also hit the bar 3 times, not a bad return for not playing the best today

Thanks for your report.

Bart's hand was held for their disallowed goal.

For me Woods will play better in a 3 man midfield, all of the games this season, he has played far to deep he needs someone to run ahead of him to take markers away, and someone to get the ball from the other team and play the simple pass to him.

Mahoney needs to cross the ball at the first or second attempt, not the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th time he cuts back.

In the first half today our defence tried to play little triangles with the midfield and knock the ball around the corner into space, as much as we have improved or passing under GR, we was closed down everytime and better teams will take advantage of this.

Smith has not played much with Bradshaw, and I thought he got in Bradshaws way 2 times today when Bradshaw was in a better place, this is mostlikley Smith being used to a lone striker role.


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Woods isn't firing on all cylinders for my liking, dont know why perhaps hes carrying an injury, at least we have ben to come on he looked sharp and deserves a run in the side imo


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Thanks Silver as always but I thought that was a poor game for Woods. He seemed to struggle on the ball and was hustled constantly into mistakes and closed down by Wycombe midfield. Probably the worst I have seen him play.


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I think our good fortune came with their disallowed goal. I watched it several times and could see nothing to rule the goal out. Clearly the Lino saw something and maybe Bart’s hand/glove was held back but I honestly couldn’t see it.
Maybe over a season these things iron each other out but that decision certainly saved us two points. Overall we were the better side and they were pretty dire but we did make hard work of it. Hopefully, with KZ/TP upfront we’re might take more of the chances we make. Tuesday will be much more of a test.
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Thanks for the report, Silver.

My tuppence worth: I thought we were terrible for the first 20 mins; we improved in the remainder of the 1st half, and were the better team by a country mile in the 2nd. We could've and should've won by more. They looked like a mid-table Division 1 side to me. As @whiskylion said, it's difficult to see where they will get a point.

I also agree with others that Woods is playing too deep to have any real effect. Question is, if not Woods then who should play as the deep-lying midfielder?


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Good stuff as usual, Silver.

1st half was total shit, 2nd half was literally watching a different team. Credit to Rowett for whatever he said at half-time. Jed was exceptional in the 2nd half. We should have won by more I think. But yet again, it's the sort of game we have lost in the past and could easily have done so again today - we all said so beforehand - and we have come away with a win. That's progress.

Akinfenwa is stealing a living. He is miles overweight and won fuck all against Cooper. If he is their best hope of a goal then Wycombe will be down by Christmas,


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Cheers Silver!

Apart from the obvious with certain players & our exceptional passing, I thought Bradshaw & Smith played brilliantly together.
At times Bradshaw was knocking balls down to Smith.

Let that fusion do its thing & I believe we may well see something special.

Hopefully Rowett sees it is this way too. Watch this space

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Thanks for the report, Silver. Much appreciated. Looking forward to watching the highlights this evening, although going by our first 20 minutes, I wasn't going to be disappointed to miss it...... But what a turn around. I think GR threatened to furlough the lads at half time, and it worked a treat. A good win, with a little bit of luck thrown in, and another 3 points towards our surge later in the season. COYL.