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We had two shots on target from 7 attempts, they had six from 14!. We didn't even force a corner. To win 3-0 you have to be dominant or be poxed with luck, we were neither.
We don't try to be dominant, though, do we.

And with Romeo missing, our attacking options were reduced massively.

If you watch Alan Shearer ripping into Newcastle United on Match of the Day, highlighting their negativity, then you get the uncanny feeling he is talking about Millwall.

Because every point he made about them was valid for every aspect of our play.

Playing backwards rather than forwards, never getting bodies in the box and so on. It really was us.

Eamon Dunphys tackle

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I saw that on MOTD and you are right Whisky.
Shearer didn't hold back and it was a mirror image of Millwall.
We seem to be happy passing backwards and sideways just for the hell of it to keep possession without threatening their defence.
You know what, I wish Gregory was in our team now playing off Smith.
Would be more of a threat than the non- threat we are now.
I'm resigned to a mid table finish, we just are not good enough.
Our defence is capable except when you have players give the ball away to them for their goal.
On the whole our defence defended well,
But it all went to waste with that ridiculous pass by Molly.


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I’ve just watched the highlights and there is no doubt that it was a five star performance from the big Pole. He could do little to keep out their goal and I am not convinced that there was much of a deflection from Cooper to take it past our keeper. In the run up to the goal there was definitely a loud shout to Molly to pass the ball inside. You would have thought that he might have looked before he passed the ball! It was a really stupid mistake. As for our goal it was the product of about the only bit of joined up football that we played in the first half. The scooped cross from Williams was quality and Smith just doesn’t miss those. Other than the goal Smith did not contribute much to the game. Morrison is a tough nut to crack and if it had been him, rather than Nelson defending that cross the end result might have been very different. I am sure that their keeper was the one that played for Huddersfield in that epic play off game at the Den that we won 2-0. If you recall it was his poor save from a cross that Morison poked in from six yards after he had spilled it.
The miss from Bod was x rated. The more I looked at it the more I thought that he could pick his spot and it wasn’t just inches wide but a lot more than that. He had no need to go to the keeper’s right as there was plenty of space to his left.

The post match from Rowett was enlightening. He does watch the same game as us and he was right to say that we don’t have that edge of quality to turn a draw into a victory. The header or long shot from Ben would have got us over the line and I am sure that he has plans for January. And I am sure he has high hopes for Polly and KZ. In the meanwhile we just have to soldier on.

Kryan Bing

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We were pretty bad at times yesterday but, generally, there is a bit of fight and grit about the squad under GR. Against Cardiff, the lack of quality really showed, especially in the final 3rd.

To be honest, although we ain't that great to watch, I would be more worried if I was a Cardiff supporter. Not long out of the PL and on paper, a better squad than ours regarding quality. To me, Harris is making a pigs ear out of them. What I saw yesterday, was exactly what I expected from them.

If GR had a couple of their attacking players in our squad to work with, we would see a different proposition up front. Parrot is off the pace still and unfortunately, we won't see Zohore for a while. It is what it is at the moment...which is digging results out. That will keeps us away from the bottom scrap but not enough for a play off push.

Harris' ambition is a bit weird. He thinks going behind 1-0 to Millwall leaves you a mountain to climb...
He must still rate his old squad.

We moved the ball well, created some chances in the second half, but we gave ourselves a mountain to climb with a poor goal."
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People keep mentioning January, do you really think we are going to get what we need. What quality of player will be available??. Not much I would suggest, unless there is a hidden gem in the leagues below.
All that January will bring is the usual 31 days.

Agree with this. I think it’s probably more important to get unwanted players out before we can think about bringing anyone in and who in the fuck is going to spend good money on the likes of Skalak, Bradshaw or Bodvarsson?


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Yes they should have scored, but it was never a performance deserving of a 3-0 win, we have Bart to thank as well. That was my point.
I’ll contact GR and the team and let them know they can only win if they “deserve” it! 😉 Cheers mate 🙂


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Thanks Silver. Precise and accurate report as usual. Because of our lack of goals I would like to see us at least play 433 at home to see if that would produce more scoring opportunities. Also Brown is supposed to be the reserve right back but GR plays Leonard there instead. Move Brown on if he has got no confidence in him and recall McNamara from St Johnstone. Hopefully Sparrow will get more match fit and give us a different option up front instead of Bod or Bradshaw.


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Bod and Thomo both screwed the pooch. Thomo's was dead open sitter--how did he miss and Bod should have either curled it better or rounded the keeper. Both had great chances to win the game for us. Next time they will do better I hope.


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KZ expected back in three weeks. GR expected to get games from him for the last month of his loan spell which ends on January 16th....unless we decide to extend it until the end of the season. But for that to happen he has got to hit the back of the net. On his showing at Preston where he scored for us he certainly looks capable of finding the net again. But can he stay fit or will we have to monitor him and take him off on the hour Mark? Watch this space!

Peckham Lion

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So we could or should have won 3-0 but Harris believes they should have come away with the points. Does his post-match remind you if anything? Trying to save his arse methinks!
He said, he thought they did enough to win the game, slightly different! It's like you keep saying we should have won 3-0 but don't mention Bart being a life saver. His post match interviews are no different to any managers when they don't win, people really need to move on from him.


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