Jerry still Undecided, shit or haircut


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He will get back to you.

Its nothing like the lardarse version, where she negotiates a deal with the EU but she recommends remain or is it spin the bottle...........fcked if I know...........whats the latest Starmer option.

Does Barry Gardiner agree with any of the above or is he waiting Miss Abbott to do the meths (sorry about the typo)
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' Its manifesto will promise to reach a better Brexit deal '

It shows how fucking thick this cunt is, there is no other deal on offer from the eu. May's been told that, Boris has been told that, the students he lied to know it as do the liberals he roped in and i'd wager so does Steptoe himself. He's fucked and hanging on for dear life!


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Jezza has always gone on about wanting a general election and when he finally had the opportunity to have one he said no.

I really do not like anyone of them but Farage he's not working class but at least he doesn't seem childish and he's always kept he's same view.

It does seem like all the three main parties, do not want to leave, from the outside of the country that brought law and order and democracy we must seem like lemmings,
the British and Irish people deserve better, our people are the best our representatives are the worst.