Jed Wallace


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We all know what happened to Jed last time his head was turned by Middlesbrough.
His form went downhill.
He is out of contract in June so if £10mil is on the table then we should take it.
I am hearing Newcastle May also come in for him in January which May up the fee?
We need to spend some of the money wisely new middle midfield and left back.
Newcastle were after Bowen from Hull but Hull want £20mil so they may look elsewhere and Jed is an option.
Let it begin Villa v Newcastle for Jed
I thought Wallace had signed a new contract within the last year, but I might be wrong. However, if there is definite interest in him, we only need to look at what happened to His form when Middlesboro came knocking to know he can become quickly distracted. It may be if we get offered silly money we cut our loses and take it!


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I think we shouldnt short change ourselves, 15 million - 7.5m to spend and 7.5m to cover some behind the scenes financials and we'll be laughing.
Be a big shame to see him go regardless, I feel like he is one of the better players not just on the pitch but with the fans too!
Behind the scenes financials?????