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Is it just me but I really fucking hate tip tap possession football. I want to see a mix, teams set up to pass but also having the option to go direct down the wings or middle. Obviously it helps to have a bit of quality in midfield and at the back. Am I wrong?
You're not wrong. It's really entertaining to watch tactics being switched, killing the momentum of the oppositions defence. Beats the same old predictable style any day.


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o_O I do not like hoofball prefer to win the hall and keep possession playing to feet on the deck do not mind playing down the wings and getting crosses over but the long punt from the back to the attack for a 50-50 knock on is old fashioned football.

Voice of Reason

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One of the greatest hoofs was Jake's charge right through the Oxford centre from well inside his own half, right up to their box. Our strikers were in amazement there when he arrived and not much happened with the ball, but it was great to see. He charged right through the lot of them. Brilliant stuff!

Our set pieces are a fun hoofball for me too. It is usually a good long hoof of the ball towards one of our giants and then in the goal it goes.