Group D: Predicted England results


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So all three of our group games are at Wembley right ? Plus the semi final and final are at Wembley ?

Kryan Bing

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Thats how i understand it mate, though quarter finals are in Europe somewhere??

If we don't win the group, the last 16 knockout game is somewhere in Europe as well

This could get messy and end up like the Eurovision Song contest...'footballs coming home' falling apart in Europe and staying there.

Bexhill Lion

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Croatia 0-0
Scotland 1-0 win
Czech 1-1
Anyway I won't be watching any England games with all the knee bollocks , so come on the Spaghetti munchers

Kryan Bing

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Croatia L 1-2
The Kilts W 2-1
Czech Republic D 2-2

Group runners up.
Knocked out in the last 16 game, probably against Sweden in Copenhagen.