Greggs gone to Derby


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Another good reason not to have back here then.
Well, there is that.

But on the other hand, in his last season here, playing in an absolutely shit-awful Harris side and living off the tiniest of scraps, he netted 10 Championship goals.

So far this season, Smith (2), Zohore (1), Parrott (0), Bod (1) and Bradshaw (3) have amassed 7 (SEVEN) Championship goals between them....
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Peckham Lion

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he netted 10 Championship goals.
How many penalties?
So far this season, Smith, Zohore, Parrott, Bod and Bradshaw have amassed 7 (SEVEN) between them....
It would help if we played Smith who got 13 goals last season, a career best, i think or an actual striker a bit more often. We seem to have the same problem scoring goals under Rowett, perhaps it wasn't Harris's fault after all, but when in doubt and all else fails,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Which ever way you look at it, it's a step backwards. Let's get rid of the dross in
the Summer and get to see a GR team.
Then we can judge him.


"Moments after Rams substitute Lee Gregory headed wastefully wide on his debut, Ihiekwe steered in the opener at the back post from a deep free-kick".....


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Didn't start the last game, hooked off tonight at halftime. And Rooney went out personally to get him :rotfl:

Rooney admitted he set the team up completely wrong and couldn't cope with the opposition's system. So took off a striker for a midfielder to compensate.

That's football.

Wonder if Rooney will be banging on the door for Wiliams in the summer....

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