GR on signings


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Could have written that script for him myself it wasn’t particularly insightful was it. We are gonna need more (and no my name ain’t Sherlock nor sibyl fawlty on mastermind with specialised subject “the fkng obvious”. Question is who’s still gonna come?

Life with the Lions

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As usual, mostly waffle, particularly from the interviewer, who asked Rowett a question, got a response, and then effectively asked the same question again, albeit slightly differently, and got the same answer. That happened twice.

It wasn’t until almost 7 minutes into the interview that we started to hear about Rowett’s transfer targets - of which there didn’t seem to be any - not even the old “well, we have a few players we’re interested in” line was dusted off and brought out! It would have been good had the interviewer asked Rowett if a) the club had money to spend in the transfer market, and b) how much was it?

I appreciate Rowett isn’t going to tell us how much, but it would have been nice to hear that he does have targets he wants to go for.

Thought the idea of a pre season in Scotland was a good idea. As Rowett indicated, it’s easier to come back to England by just slipping over the Scottish border, than to play in an overseas country, where any minute you could be sent home because of Covid spikes, and then the players have to self isolate for ten days, perhaps near to the start of the season!