Fergie signs for Rovrum


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According to Rich Cawley of the SLP our Shane has signed for the Millers. Good servant for us who always gave his all for the Lions. Thanks for everything, those great passes for Jed at Derby, Morison against Watford in the Cup, the goals against Hull to get us back in it, the great corner at Bristol Rovers nodded in at the death by Hutch and all the other magical moments. Best wishes for some great moments for them.
What about Everton Silver!? 😉

Ulster Lion

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Loved seeing his name on the team sheet, but feel that he was given a back seat, more and more.
On a good day, his work rate was immense, and he gave 100%, 100% of the time.
I'm consoled, though, as one Ulster man leaves, another, GS, returns.
Good luck Fergie. Thank you for your service.

Life with the Lions

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I am mystified at how arguably the best crosser at the club has gone on a free transfer.
Surely another season here would have been best for him and us.
Maybe it's the system we are going to use has dictated him going. Who knows.
All the best Fergie.
Wouldn’t it be ironic if, after Rowett hands Smith a start against QPR, he gets shit crossing service from the likes of Jed, but the best crosser of the ball we’ve had in a long time, is now plying his trade at a league 1 club?


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Great servant to the club, and probably, on his day, the best crosser of the ball in our current squad!

Surprised at him going to Rotherham, a bleak, horrible place in South Yorkshire! Still, he could have gone to live in a much worse place and play for a much worse club…..

He could have signed for the Spotters!
He was signed by Harris from Newcastle so he has gone back up North.