FA Frustration For Millwall


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Millwall have this evening confirmed that the Football Association's appeal panel have upheld the sending off of Jed Wallace.

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Historically going back to the Danny Dichio's banning from the the FA cup final and Paul Sculls far worse offence that should have meant he missed the final but the match Referee took into account the importance of a Red meaning he would have missed out= double standards.
The FA frivolous appeal of Deli Ali straight fingered the Referee.
Sepp Blatter would have to up his game to sit on the English FA he would be found lagging in the corruption league among this lot.
We’ll be back at Wembley one day, to once again highlight the FA’s lack of crowd control. I hope they then throw the book at themselves.
Jed out for 3 games :sadno: but perhaps, knowing he's going to get a run in the team, Fred will fulfill the promise many believe he has :tup:
Someone sent me a thing on twitter that compared Jed's red with that of that cunt Lansbury for Villa. Lansburys' was overturned on appeal. I will try and paste a link. Utter corruption.


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Here you go, KOJ. The link below will get you there. Shocking! At least Wallace makes an attempt for the ball. These two cases should be brought to the FA by Millwall who ask them to explain their decisions...


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On the basis that every cloud might, I said might, have a silver
lining, isn't it time the young lad Twadeck (or something like that)
was given his chance ?