Dulwich on telly tonight

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My old man used to take us when we were away from home then back to the Kings Arms on the corner of Peckham rye for a lemonade and a packet of crisps,funny how he thought that a glass of lemonade should last as long as 6/7 pints!I Good memories, also used to do a lot of football work for them years ago and met some very genuine people,these days been hijacked by the Dulwich "luvvies" and fawned over by Southwark news and SLP.
By the way if they're wondering where the photo of them against us that was hanging in the boardroom went,I've got it!


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As a fan base I can't stand them but my nephew plays for their under 18's so I have to hope they win for him


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Used to live near Goose Green so always looked for their results. Never went there though. Hung around Goose Green a lot which lived up to it’s name especially when Jeannie Smith was about :wahey:


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I must say their supporters are a tad Smuggy. On my playing days played at their old ground on Dog Kennel Hill. It was a massive stadium and bloody big pitch. I believe it held the attendance record for the Amateur F.A. Cup. 48,000. Just after the war about1948/49.

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