Didn’t think you could be offside from a back pass?


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Wolves robbed ,its a joke that he was offside running back to his own goal to receive the ball after he had taken corner , lost for words .

The Humble One

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Perhaps I should self-recognise myself differently cos I no longer fully understand the law - especially with all this "different stage of play" rubbish.

Every time they try to fix it the thing just becomes more questionable and open to interpretation.


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Brilliant, fuck wolves the filthy cunts. Some wolves cunt clumped me one year at molineux, never liked the spunk gargling cunts ever since then. I take solace in the fact some wall would’ve knocked the cunt out at some point that day


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They are saying the corner taker was offside when he received the ball back, no chance, he was miles onside. I have no idea what the VAR ref was smoking but it was clearly very strong stuff.