Des Anderson


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Very sad. Lovely man. Enjoyed his company immensely.

Thoughts with his widow, Lesley.

RIP, Des.
I don't really remember Des as a player, Whisky.

But, when visiting family in the Midlands, we would go the The Dog Inn, Burton; this would be the late 70s, I think.

He was a great bloke, in a great pub, always a warm welcome.

Lesley was a beautiful looking girl, witty, with a great smile - I suppose we are taking about the Golden Era of British Pubs. Not, the watered down places we now have.

The last I heard is they had moved to The Bull's Head in Ashby-de-la-Zouch (early 80s).

RIP Des; thoughts with Lesley and Family.


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One of my heroes. Good mid-fielder , left hand side . Hard as nails and you always got a good shift from Des. People reckon Hurlock was the hardest well you should have seen Des. Not dirty, just bloody hard. Was Dave. Mackay's Best Man at his wedding and you often saw Dave at The 'Wall. Rest in Peace Des.


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Not long after Des joined Millwall in 1961 he tragically lost his first wife Pearl. Des was only 23 at the time.

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