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  • Pretending to be "bionic"​
  • Being oblivious to "stranger danger"​
  • Being envious of the kids who appeared on "Jim'll Fix it" (the glory of hindsight)​
  • Having a favourite Charlie's Angel​
  • If we ever were lucky enough to go on holiday, we'd never put sunscreen on, and look like a lobster that evening screaming don't touch me!​
  • Brutal playground equipment (oh the memories... and pain!)​
  • Haircuts from Mum​
  • Rhubarb and Custard (Sweets... AND Cartoon)​
  • Old version of "Selfies"... The Photo Booth​
  • Shaking "instant" Polaroid photos to help them develop faster​
  • Riding bikes without helmets.... AND surviving (imagine that!)​
  • A Christmas Charlie Brown (and I still love it)​
  • Packets of Sea Monkeys​
  • Flared Trousers​


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For me it was always me and my mates looking to see if we could set up a game of football against another set of boys, we was all from the Aylesbury/Missenden area, but like it has been said, when your Mum called you for dinner during the "Big Game" that was it, you went home.

Even though I grew up in the 80's/90's it was still much safer than today, always a group of at least 6/7 of us at one time, so not many problems staying out late

Going to Rileys down the Elephant and Castle on a Sunday

Other things like sneaking in to the coronet or elephant and castle swimming baths, one kid paid and would open the door for the rest of us.

Trying our best to stop the pizza delivery guy getting to said address within the 45 minute time period or the food was free


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One paying in at the pictures and letting the other ten in the exit door that is if the car Ariel couldn’t work between the crack to lift bar and the only knee you took was one up the bollocks in the playground 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
One paying in at the pictures and letting the other ten in the exit door

Just seen that you posted this before I did.


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Other thing about the pictures was the old woman at the coronet in the Elephant who gave out the tickets, She knew we was always trying to pull a fast one, as one week you would be 11 to get the kids ticket price, next week you would be old enough to get into the teenage movie.


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Always being loyal to the locals

I was talking with my sister about this the other day

There was a old bloke in his 60's I would guess, he lived on Missenden, we always called him Jim (had a very big nose) he loved to drink and bet.

Me and my mate Richie found him one day/evening outside his flat passed out on the floor big bundle of money laying beside his hand, we would have been about 12/13 years old, he must have been followed home by 2 teanagers as they was about to rob him, but we fucked them off by throwing bags of rubbish at them down the steps beside his flat, then dragged him into his flat sat him on his steps put the money on the step beside him and closed the door as we left.

We didn't know "Jim" but he was part of our area and no one fucked around with our area if we could help it.

Gaeilge Millwall

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Peckham Odeon on Saturday mornings , with ....... a dancing competition on stage
X rated films
AA rated films
A and U rated films
Every X rated film was two films and not just one
The Bouncing Ball
Silver Jubilee street parties
Rye Lane full of villains on the fruit and veg stalls
Bruce Lee
Kung Fu
Saturday Night Fever
F Troop
Scarves around wrists or necks
Smokey and the bandit