I used to love quiet Sunday’s. Almost silent in the mornings. Then the distant thumping of the base drum as The Boys Brigade marched along. It’s all coming back to me now. Where’s my time machine?!
I joined the Boys Brigade because I wanted to get my hands on a bugle to play at The Den 😉

Fast forward, I wasn’t taught to play it properly, couldn’t raise a note, got the mouth piece stuck and couldn’t remove so returned it with a friend saying I couldn’t attend anymore 🤭


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At the Old Den with my 7 Yr old brother, I was 4, we were down there with Uncles, Grandad and Dad.. Creeping round the ankles of supporters nicking coke bottles full or empty to take them back to the kiosk by the men's urinals, with the wide long steps, to get the money back... The coconut square man with the double basket and white coat, throwing them up in the crowd, when grandad had pushed his way to the front to pay.... Happy days!!!

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I'm a 60’s baby. Anyone who was BORN in the 60's,70s and 80s, we are the last generation that played in the street and went in when it was dark.

We are the FIRST to play video games and the LAST to record songs off the radio onto a cassette tape where we lived for Sunday top 40 and Top of the Pops on a Thursday Night. We walked over a mile without worry of being taken... watched cartoons on Saturday mornings... programmed the VCR before anyone else... we lived for Friday nights at Blockbuster and played Commodore 64, Atari & Nintendo... and went to house parties where we danced up a sweat and we dossed out on the street.

We are the generation of The Goonies Star Wars, Star Trek, Gilligan’s Island, Scooby-Doo, & Knightrider, Streethawk & Baywatch...We travelled in cars w/o seat belts or airbags & lived without cell phones. We did not have flat screens, surround sound, iPads, Facebook, Twitter, computers or the Internet and only had 4 Tv Channels and teletext was our google... But we had the

Don't blame me for that. I didn't know 84's mum when I was a kid!

But I do remember... ..
Black and white tv
The first VCR's with buttons like foot pedals.
Everyone's front doors being open.
Packs of kids roaming the streets.
Hot summers.
The bread man, the coal man, the lemonade man, the fish man, the insurance man.
Running messages for neighbours.
Knowing who owns all the dogs running the streets.
Swiping a pint of milk off the float, or a pint of diluted orange if our little arms could reach.
Calling all adults Mr.... Or Mrs.....
Never having seen some of my mate's dads cos they were "working abroad".. (but really in jail)
Girls showing us their knickers for a sherbet lemon.
Nudie books.
Bay City Roller trousers.
Hippys wearing moses sandals.
Soaking Jehovahs Witnesses with washing up liquid bottles filled with water.
Gangs of kids walking to the swimming pool with rolled up towels under their arms.
Bog roll like tracing paper.
Always being hungry.
Holes in the knees of my jeans before they became fashionable.
Elder siblings leaving home.
Lying in bed and hearing a bomb go off.
Hearing my dad coming in drunk, and him peeing in the toilet for ages.
Getting caned at school.
Blue Lamp discos.
As somebody already said, fingering a girl and shoving your hand into your mate's faces afterwards.
Pet shops with pups, kittens, tortoises and grass snakes.
Being allowed to smoke in supermarkets, cinemas, waiting rooms and planes.
Never having any money.
Pigeon lofts in every street.
Fighting with lads from the next estate, who grow up to be our mates.
Every car on our estate being rusty.
Transistor radios with the flesh coloured ear piece.
The shipping forecast.
5p mix ups.

Are we really any better off today.?
''Everyone's front doors being open''

And the back door??


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What an excellent thread! Saturday morning pictures eltham, white dogshit. Playing football in in winter cricket in summer. No shit takeways no mcdonalds. Knock down ginger. 40 40. Excellent telly. Blindin music from late 60s to mid70s. Bird from magpie.always being skint. Power cuts. Pubs looked blindin in the 70s. Holiday camps.. fuck me yeah happy memories.


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Black and white TV, manual tuner for each station and moving the aerial.

Going into dumps to mess about, usually over a wall with barbed wire.

Taking parafin street lamps inner tray to setup after dark camps

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One of your mates swiping a porn video from his uncle, and if one of us had a free house, everybody piled round to watch. All the blokes had mullets and Gringo moustaches, and the birds had bushes like Leo Sayer got stuck up there feet first.


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Two-Way Family Favourites
The Clitheroe Kid
Fruit salads and Black Jacks for a farthing each
Zoom lollies
Riding up and down the bomb craters on Banstead Downs
The tractor tilling the soil in the field at the bottom of my garden
"Wonderful Land" being the background music as we Christmas shopped at Shinner's.
The never ending snow of '63.
Torchy the Battery Boy
Space Patrol
Round The Horn
The Goon Show
The Telegoons
The Avengers
Duke Box Jury
Petticoat Junction
Toy cowboys and Indians
Steam trains
Station Masters holding up green lamps at night
Haliborange tablets
Cod liver oil
Looking for Queen Victoria pennies
Silver thrupennies in the Christmas pudding
Winter football in the deserted street wearing mum-knitted football "shirts"
Lion Picture Library Books
Battle if the Little Big Horn
The theme of "Emergency Ward 10" as you lay in bed
Chocolate Micky delivered by the milkman
The old bloke on the bike with the knife sharpening kit
Bubble cars.....
Shinners? In Sutton?