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I'm a 60’s baby. Anyone who was BORN in the 60's,70s and 80s, we are the last generation that played in the street and went in when it was dark.

We are the FIRST to play video games and the LAST to record songs off the radio onto a cassette tape where we lived for Sunday top 40 and Top of the Pops on a Thursday Night. We walked over a mile without worry of being taken... watched cartoons on Saturday mornings... programmed the VCR before anyone else... we lived for Friday nights at Blockbuster and played Commodore 64, Atari & Nintendo... and went to house parties where we danced up a sweat and we dossed out on the street.

We are the generation of The Goonies Star Wars, Star Trek, Gilligan’s Island, Scooby-Doo, & Knightrider, Streethawk & Baywatch...We travelled in cars w/o seat belts or airbags & lived without cell phones. We did not have flat screens, surround sound, iPads, Facebook, Twitter, computers or the Internet and only had 4 Tv Channels and teletext was our google... But we had the BEST CHILDHOOD.

Eamon Dunphys tackle

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I'm a fifties baby and agree with all you said John.
We played runouts till dark, went to a youth club, threw sugar cubes at people from the footbridge over York Road, Waterloo, which we took from a local cafe.
And for my encore, I got a telling off from a copper for doing "Penny for the guy" in Blackfriars Road, just next to the junction with the Cut.
Wish it would all come back!

Peckham Lion

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We had freedom and innocence that you could only dream about today. We respected our elders, had a community that helped each other and pulled together when needs be. Many struggles and little money or material spoils, but fuck me i'm so glad i was born when i was. I wouldn't swap any of it or want be a youngen in todays world.
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50's was king.We were poor and anyone with a car we regarded as rich,Only knew one neighbour with one.
We were safe,stayed out from dawn to dusk,only going home to grab some toast and dripping,or some such.Didn't need to lock our doors..we had nothing worth nicking anyway .could go on and on but anyone of that era knows what I mean.
Early 60's was still ok but started going downhill from there.

Gaeilge Millwall

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Going to adventure playgrounds
playing kiss chase
football in the streets
50p red bus rover
penny for the guy outside peckham bingo hall
british bulldog
getting detention
5 a sides
rush goalie
having a slow dance at the end of the night
having proper friend and not followers
buying bangers
stray dogs
packs of dogs
the NF
pubs closing at 3
half days shopping
sundays being quite

and on, and on

we were definitely the winners, by a mile


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I grew up in a tenement and played football in the street until my mother called me up because it got dark. No one had a car. I went back decades later to have a look and it was cars parked bumper to bumper. Why does everyone need a car living in a big city.
Talking about street football, you never see a big group of kids playing football on the street or a patch of waste ground maybe that’s why we’re so shite.