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Grew up drinking in the bell, the swan and mitre along with a proper few sessions at lunchtime after working at the market in Henry’s.

mustve had a fight every week in Bromley high st, either between us and pricks from Orpington on cnts from Addo that fancied it. Genuinely- we never got turned over once. Now you’d be lucky not to get stabbed or worse. Place is apparently a war zone at the weekends between gangs.

Welcome to England.
St Mary’s Cray - now there a place .... once a shit hole always a shit hole- it used to be a police no go area - like the Lebbonon

I’m fact I remember my yuppi mate waiting for the night bus and and going to his posh Aristo girlfriend “Here we are dear our bus to Plumstead” in a toffy ascent and this gezza saying “it’s scumstead to me and it’s scumstead to you” fucking bang on - I cheered !!! Put a massive smile on my face and him right in his place ... giving it al high and mighty lol 😂

shitholes gotta love em



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Worked in Scumstead labouring for a while. Paddy John was labouring with me one afternoon and fucked off early. He lived in one of the. Sky risers down the bottom of the hill. Half past four, 3 meat wagons turned up at the flats which caught out attention. Paddy John was seen leaving his flat and jumping down 6 flights from floor to floor. We thought what the fuck has he done, he’s only been home an hour. He got down safe and legged it down the hill. Five minutes later the old bill came out with the fella they went in for! Genuinely pAddy John was of no interest at all. We were dying of laughter.

next day we asked him why he ran, and he genuinely thought he was getting nicked for not paying his tv license. What a cnt.

and the Irish wonder why they’ve got a reputation for being thick.