Boris to show his balls to the EU? - NW


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British motorists have been saved from a potential £50 increase to their driver’s insurance, after the government announced it would scrap the EU’s requirement for coverage on vehicles used on private land. The European Court of Justice’s “Vnuk” decision – which mandated insurance for vehicles such as quad bikes, golf buggies, and mobility scooters – will be ditched by the Department for Transport “at the earliest possible opportunity”, as the UK moves to create its own new legislation away from EU orbit.


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If the fishing is so bad in Scotland why has one of our local fishermen sold his boat to a buyer in Scotland. It cost £12000 to transport it. Hardly seem skint do they.


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Sturgeon has already annouced that all Union Flags should be removed from Scottish Government and Council buildings. She has lost the plot, to use the Glasgow venacular “ she’s aff her fucking heid “. She has put a Contract out worth £500k to buy thousands of EU flags.

See below and read the comments at the end.



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I feel pity for the decent Scottish people who are saddled with that racist lunatic.
British hating racist loser.that can't face the fact the people voted to stay part of the UK
You want to be so European no one is stopping you. Fuck off and live in Romania