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Thompson's effort was not as bad as some of you make out, he was running into the area and had to jump for it, although Smith had a better chance to put it away had Thompson left it alone.
I was surprised to see one of our midfielder so far forward.


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A lob over keeper looks a better option from that pic , and a better player would of , not knocking the pass ,it was good and I am pleased for him ,he takes alot of stick on here (me inc) .


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Look how far the keeper comes out, he just has to chip it over him.View attachment 9795
The Cardiff defence are like planes coming to land at Heathrow...all in a straight line. Their goalkeeper, like the goal he conceded, is nowhere and has left an empty net behind him.

But Bod's only on ten grand a week or thereabouts, so you can't possibly expect him to score.

However, I was at Hillsborough last season when all he had to do was chip the keeper in the last minute to win the game...and he sent it miles over the bar.

So, in all honesty, I didn't expect him to score. And he didn't let me down.
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Football must be one of the very few professions where an employee, (in this case Bod) is employed (by his company Millwall FC), as a centre forward to score goals and, through those goals, hopefully win games for his club! Yet, when he continuously fails to score every time he goes to work (I. E. plays football), he (Bod), not only keeps his job, but doesn’t face any disciplinary action against him, nor is he threatened with the tin tack if his work(rate) doesn’t improve!

Fans on MO know that if they fuck up in their jobs, their boss may very well come down on them like a ton of bricks! Repeat offending could see them given a job demotion (in Bod’s case relegation to the bench) and if, given another chance later, their performance still hasn’t improved, the tin tack could very well beckon for them!

No tin tack for Bod if his poor performances continue every week. There’s no sudden loss of money for him, if he’s in his first year of a three year deal and he’s suddenly not picked for the team that week! That’s OK, because he knows that he’ll still get paid! He’ll just let our football club, the one that receives hard earned revenue from passionate fans, spunk that money up the wall, by rewarding him and other players that play for Millwall, lucrative contracts of £3,000, £6,000, £8,000 or £10,000 + a week, regardless of how good or bad they play.

It wouldn’t occur to players like Bod that the fans who help pay his wages would happily give their right arm to be able to pull on a Millwall jersey, give it their all, and play for nothing for the club that they love and support!

If he and the other poor players that sponge off the club were to really understand that sentiment, they might feel enough shame to want to play better and legitimately earn their inflated wages each week!

But I doubt they ever will!