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If he and Bradshaw actually got a chance to form a partnership it might work. Chopping and changing can't help the forwards or midfield to know each others game, Aob and Smith ain't the answer, certainly not as our main pairing so give the other two a chance, we've nothing to lose.
I honestly think he not is capable.he is more a lower conference standard


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This is what happens when you give players a chance. Occasionally they repay the faith. Maybe we as fans should let GR pick the team and stop calling for players heads. The fellas obviously shown some form in training and deserved the call up. Well done Bod.

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I thought Bod was really good tonight. Kept catching their offside trap out first half and had some nice touches. Got involved too and took at least one kick in the face when he stuck his head in. Really pleased for him on tonight's preformance because I bemoaned the fact that he was starting at first. Nice to be proved wrong. The viking done alright.