Biden tries to open the floodgates - NW


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An immigration Bill put forward by Joe Biden to naturalise undocumented migrants, the Bill would loosen the rules on skilled workers, students and the relatives of lawful permanent residents. However the Bill will not survive Congress in its present form. Republicans raise the moral hazard of naturalising the undocumented as the foreign-born share of the US population nears a record high, concerns about even its authorised growth are not innately mean-minded.

Didnt take long did it? Ok, we have some coming over from France you can have.


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The good news is that he is a president with empathy the status quo and MSM love that about him

he is doing “great things” what a man and what a great first couple of months as president apparently


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This bill will make it easier for skilled workers to set up in the USA. I fear those cunts will get ahead of us In leading the green revolution and semi conductor manufacturing. Singapore for example makes it easy for skilled workers to set up and benefits hugely. An open US historically leads to a richer world. Anyway it won’t get through Congress so the cunts can concentrate on continuing arguing with themselves, which is great for our economic prospects. Trump 2024 will make it even better