Best ever ( or your favourite ) films

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I need the help of you lads, particularly the Western buffs.

My dad took me to see a western film when I was a kid - try as I might, just cannot remember the name of the film.

It would have been around 1957-60; the one memorable scene was a house surrounded by Red Indians (sorry 😆).

As the house burnt, one of the hero's dismantled the stove, dug a hole in the floor and used the pipe in which to breath.

The film then cut to the smouldering remains of the house, and a movement of dirt and the hero's hand, followed by the rest of his body - he'd survived!

Does it ring any bells?

" She wore a yellow ribbon"?


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Life or Brian (Welease Wodwick)
Blues Brothers (This cars got a lot of pick up. Fix the lighter)
My cousin Vinny (Stick with it. There is a running theme and great court case)
Matilda( shut it. Me and the granddaughter watch this loads).
Shawshank Redemption
Porridge (Who was that? Just a couple of escaped convicts).
Warrors (The chicks are packing)
Trains, planes and automobiles (Wheres your other hand? Between the pillows. There not pillows!)
McVicar (Move and I'll blown your f*kin head off. Well I aint gonna f**kin move then am I !)

and Lock stock and two smoking barrels(I f*kin hate traffic wardens, what the f**k was that? Its my Bren gun)
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