Ulster Lion

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A dispicable, poisonous, odious little fuck weasel. Typical little man syndrome bully boy. I heard that when he wants to slip one to that spunk bucket missus of his, he has to put a bucket over her head, and swing on the handle. He's the sort of diminutive, little dicked dwarf that buys cuban heels to make himself seem nearly 4' 8". Here's hoping the vertically challenged spunk bubble gets hit by a bus.


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He obviously thinks that his mission - to fuck up Brexit - is accomplished.

The history books 50 years hence - provided they are not written by some left-wing luvvie specialising in historical negationism - will mark him down as the individual who brought disgrace upon the House of Commons by single-handedly wrecking the sacred impartiality of the Chair of the Speaker, the first ever to do so. And thus thwarted the long-held, tried and trusted mechanics of Parliament for his own political ends.

Oddly, I remember reading some time back that although born to a Jewish family he has no religious beliefs. Well, you could have fooled me: never, in my entire lifetime, have I ever seen one person worship himself so often, daily, as much as Bercow.

Let us hope that the damage this disgusting, undemocratic Remainer has done to Parliament is not irreparable. Certainly the public loss of trust in Parliament engineered by Bercow's cynical abuse of power and machiavellianism will take many years to heal.