Bart,what a gentleman


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He actually gave them 2 goals mate... that corner was never a foul..
If that goal was a foul, then we'd better scrub off every goal we scored from a corner when Harris was on the park.

Harris spent all his time treading on toes, backing in, holding and just generally being a complete and sometimes not particularly pleasant pain in the arse.


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I like Bart a lot, but that was one hell of a fuck up.. needs to be more physical in the area at corners especially.....


Bart is an outstanding keeper and in talent terms could be playing for many clubs bigger than us, yes he cocked up today but he then made a brilliant save that stopped 3pts becoming 1pt. Enjoy him because he is one of the best keepers in England and players of that level are normally out of our price range.


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So the one against Cheltenham he let slip through his fingers from 35 yards was my imagination....

I make that three this season....

Needs to up his game a bit, I think. I'm sure he will.
Imagination is a funny thing, if you wanna count that goal then that's up to you, he has been brilliant since he joined us.