Alex Belfield n/w


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Since he left the BBC in 2011?? He's been obtaining info under the Freedom of Information (FOI) act which the beeb have to supply (although they haven't on many occasions and have stalled the process as much as they can on others). Because he worked at the beeb for 15 yrs he knows them inside out.
He was one of the smarter ones who knew where to get the info from. He then sold the info as stories to the tabloids who were too lazy or too stupid to request the info themselves.

He's exposed some serious dubious activities from the beeb, including their structure, associated businesses, corrupt legal department and obviously the stupid amounts of tax / license payer funds diverted to 'places and things of interest'.

Hence certain individuals at the beeb have been gunning for him for years and now aided by the Notts Police who just happen to be involved in a beeb doco
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i listen and subscribe to him
One of the fastest growing if not tee biggest growing on you You Tube
His funny at times

Ive subscribed to his channel
He does 2 hour phone ins weds and Sundays
I missed yesterdays

interesting stuff
The other week he had near 8,000 tuning in, same time talknews had 3,600


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He’s doing a live show at 9 tonight.
I might pack in the football and watch that instead.
This prick Pugwash is doing my head in.