3 best nights out excluding going to wall


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playing darts in darts league
Going to watch dog racing
Ok suppose I will have to put going out for meal with misses

No sex parties etc either to be included


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Pulling a sort down Flicks Nightclub in the Mid 80's...new to the 'game' then...invariably most were Munters but for a few thought i'd won aWilly Wonkas Golden Ticket when either exiting the club with her or at least getting their phone number written down on the lid of a fag packet.


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Ulster.I never could afford a camera. I was only an Apprentice. But can assure you put both 'hooks' down as it was good holding ground but with a strong ebb.

Thinking about it another good night was.the night when England won.in '66 and.a charming Brazilian lady who swore she had been Miss Brazil in 64. "Entertained" me with her
Charm, good looks and sophistication.