2020-21 League Ladders Final Table


Version 1

Predictions for this game 2 home wins, 8 draws and 20 away wins.

Congratulations to LennyTheLion this season's winner :cup: :clap::clap:

As always, please check carefully:

1. Your prediction has been entered.

2. Your prediction has been entered correctly.

3. You agree with your points total.

If any of the above is wrong, identify the problem on this “Table” Thread and I’ll investigate.

If you have trouble reading, click on the relevant attachment at the bottom of this message to display a version that is easier to read.

NP = No prediction this game.
"*" = Joker Used.

2020-21 League Ladders Table (Final) 01-23.png2020-21 League Ladders Table (Final) 24-47.png


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Congratulations Lenny, commiserations Liz and Denlsions who both made it a battle right to the end. Cheers Purley for the commitment, as usual.
Thanks for mentioning me. I was a clear leader at one stage but didn't get one prediction right in the last dozen games! Well done Lenny the Lion and thanks for all your hard work in maintaining the table during the season Purley. Do you take a percentage of the winnings as commission?


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Thank you everybody for your congratulations, I can asssure you it was a pure fluke, thank you Purley for your organisation and commitment. Normal service will be resumed next season will I will disappear in oblivion