2020-2021 League Ladders Entrants


The new season is just 5 weeks away (seems like it's only a couple of weeks back the old season ended ;) ).

If you want to participate in the 2020-2021 League Ladders, add your name to this thread followed by whether you are playing for "Fun" or "££". If the latter, arrange for Mama to receive your £5 in good time.

I've republished the rules, for those of you not familiar with the League Ladders.

Good luck.


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If you need details how to pay I do have a PaypPal account baskelly@live.com
if you need my postal address just message me please
be sure to add your MO user name whether paying by PayPal or sending by post
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Millwall tel

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Asking for a friend as he’s a bame and feels totally left out in day to day life as us whites have taken advantage for so long :sleep: can I play for ££ until I realize I havent got a fucking hope in hell of winning and switch to fun?? being subjected to you white boys remarks all these years that’s only fair right?


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Go on then £‘s of course
Anyone playing for fun whose over 18 needs to get a life (or a job?)
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