2019-2020 League Ladders Season Review Summary & Awards


Summary of Season

Coldblower took the lead after game 8 and was never seriously challenged, emerging as a clear winner with a game remaining:cup::clap:. Unfortunately, the tight b*gger decided not to play for money, so Peckham Lion took the ££ crown and £95 (Mama needs to confirm).

WallSince70’s defence of his 2018-19 title was feeble and, with most of the normal front-runners (including yours truly), failed miserably :slap: .

Special Mention

Best Prediction of the Season

Chris George
Millwall P-P Derby County 11 March :thumbup::clap:. Worthy of at least 10 points but sadly I do not have the authority to change the rules.

Colourful Predictions Award

retained his crown for matching his prediction print fonts to The Lions and opponents team colours, but with less flamboyance than previously:shake:. Also, being pedantic, when the Lions play away should our colours be orange or yellow?

Consistency Awards

Chopboysie and Smirnoff for predicting 50 x 5-0 victories and 47 x 2-1 victories respectively, all to the Lions and, remarkably, in Chopsie’s case picking up 13 x 4 pointers!

Mr System Award

For the 3rd season in a row goes to OnlyAGame. His refined system of last season was badly exposed by Millwall’s 18 draws and 9 away victories. Eventually, after 151 consecutive Home win predictions he lost heart and predicted away wins for the QPR and Huddersfield games:rotfl::rotfl:. Clearly, the elongated season and Labour’s poor election result finally got to him;). I think he needs to rest and recharge his batteries before it all starts again 29 August or 12 September.

Most Optimistic Prediction Award

for Charlton 1 Millwall 25.

Last but not least.

For those of you who love statistics, in total 2328 predictions (see table below) were made with 1451 (62%) forecasting a Lions victory, 506 (22%) draw and 371 (16%) Lions defeat suggesting most predictions were made using the heart rather than the head and proving, once again, that on the whole our fans are extremely loyal and optimistic.

Looking Forward.

Next season:
  • I’ll be using an upgraded spreadsheet that, hopefully, will reduce the time I spend entering your predictions by circa 80%. I won’t bore you with details but until it’s bedded in you will have to carefully check your entries and points.
  • I’m thinking of introducing a “standing order” facility, specifically for Chopsieboy and Smirnoff, so they can enter a single prediction at the start of next season and need do no more other than identify their Home and Away Joker games;)!

That's all for the time-being. Enjoy the short-break, stay healthy and COVID-19 free 😷

2019-20 League Ladders Total Predictions.png
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You legend :clap: , thanks for all your hard work for making the season that bit more entertaining ;)

Grats to the winners and... I'll pay a bit more attention to our away colours in future :whist: but to me, Millwall are always blue mate ;)


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Cheers mate 👍 I wouldn't have the energy to fuck around with all that and I'm happy with 10th on me 1st season.bring on next year!


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Sorry this is late but:
Well done Purley, a knighthood must surely be on it’s way, I suppose I’ve got to congratulate Coldblower (but let’s face it he wasn’t under the same pressure as those of us who pulled up our hard earned cash) Anyway, “well done” Coldblower and finally a big well done to my old sparring partner Peckham who kept his nerve when others lost the plot & I’m sure there’s no truth in the rumour that the “good cause” is his drinks cabinet.