2019-20 League Ladders Table (29)


Version 2 (JH Gettins prediction added)

Predictions for this game 49 home wins, 0 draws and 0 away wins and 11 Home Jokers played :thumbup:

As always, please check carefully:

1. Your prediction has been entered.

2. Your prediction has been entered correctly.

3. You agree with your points total.

If any of the above is wrong, identify the problem on this “Table” Thread and I’ll investigate.

If you have trouble reading, click on the relevant attachment at the bottom of this message to display a version that is easier to read.

NP = No prediction this game.
"*" = Joker Used.

2019-20 League Ladders Table (29) 01-32.JPG2019-20 League Ladders Table (29) 33-64.JPG
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Hi, I am down as a NP but did actually put a prediction in. As it was 3-0 to wall I have made the effort to report