2018-2019 League Ladders Season Review Summary & Awards


Summary of Season

WallSince70 deservedly took the prestigious League Ladders Champion title and £70.

OAG valiantly defended his title but was undone by The Lions inconsistent home form, Williams’ penalty miss (shame because I know how big a fan he is of Shaun:whist:), poor Joker selection and not submitting a prediction for the Forest away game.

Purley like OAG poor Joker selection (only 1 point gained) and his end of season charge fell short.

MillwallJohn a worthy 4th, some imaginative predictions but perhaps got a bit carried away on occasions, especially forecasting a Ipswich 2-1 victory at The Den and playing his Home Joker

Special Mention

Colourful Predictions Award

MillwallJohn for matching his prediction print fonts to The Lions and opponents team colours.

Consistency Awards

Chopboysie for predicting twenty 5-0 victories to The Lions and Smirnoff for predicting fifty-two 2-1 victories, 51 of them to The Lions.

Living In The Last Century Award

Owain-Elias-Real-Wall who listed Millwall's predicted scorers, all of them played in the 70s and 80s, as well as the score.

Most Optimistic Prediction Award

Mr Kevrelles, who else, for his Millwall 920 Birmingham City 1 forecast. Needless to say he didn’t pick-up any points for that one, nor his Millwall 70 Brentford 0!

Mr System Award

For the 2nd season in a row goes to OnlyAGame. He refined his system from last season but ultimately it was exposed by The Lions inconsistent home form and a couple of exception away performances.

Where Is He Now?

After 9 predictions Come-Rain-Or –Shine had 27 points. If he had carried on averaging 3 points per game he would have won by a country mile. Haven’t heard from him from some while. Hope he is well and everything is okay.

Last but not least.

For those of you that love statistics the following shows the prediction totals for the season of which 61% predicted a Millwall victory (remarkable figure considering Williams played in most games:whist:), 18% draws and only 21% defeats and proved that on the whole our fans are extremely loyal and optimistic.

2018-19 League Ladders Predictions Summary (1).JPG2018-19 League Ladders Predictions Summary (2).JPG

I’ve tried to improve the system this season and hopefully it worked. If you have any sensible suggestions for next season please forward them to me and I'll see what I can do.

I think that’s all. Bye for now and, God willing, we’ll all be back next season.
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Bloody hell Purley, that’s some serious analysis & I never realised John’s efforts were colour coded. No complaints from me, WallSince70 was a worthy winner (even if he did miss the Mickey Purser era) I wouldn’t have got anything from the Forest game, it was the the last minute Brighton debacle & our equaliser at Sheffield that did for me (& of course Williams didn’t help) Shame we can’t get a few more on here like Whisky & monkey to part with a fiver!
Well done Purley (& to all who took part) another great effort from you, unlike most of our players :clap: