2018-2019 League Ladders Season Review Part 2


Game 44: Only Unit4 and New Cross Wall predict a draw after 90 minutes before exiting The FA Cup on penalties at Brighton.

Game 45: The top 4 all forecast a Leeds victory. Purley and WallSince70 cut OAG’s lead by 1.

Game 46: One of the lad’s better performances as they easily overcome a poor WBA. OAG increases his lead to 5 and 8 points over WallSInce70 and Purley respectively.

Game 47: OAG’s decision to play his Home Joker on a Lions victory to hopefully see off all challengers fails as QPR leave The Den with a point. WallSince70 cuts OAG’s lead to 4.

Game 48: OAG gains no benefit from playing his Away Joker as The Lions draw at with The Blades. WallSince70 cuts OAG’s by another point and Purley storms back into the picture with a 5 pointer.

Game 49: WallSince70 and MillwallJohn both gain 5 points, as The Lions can only draw 1-1 with 10-man Brentford, the former retakes the lead. With 4 games, just 6 points cover the top 4.

Game 50: The top 4 all predict a Villa victory with WallSince70 gaining 3 points and the other three 4 points. OAG and WallSInce70 are level.

Game 51: WallSince70 edges 2 points in front of OAG after Stoke’s 0-0 draw at The Den.

Game 52: “Le Crunch” Bristol City. The history of the top 4’s predictions and points during the game:

2018-19 League Ladders Bristol City Timeline.JPG

In the space of 10 minutes OAG went from potentially entering the final game with a 3 point lead to WallSince70 claiming the title.

Game 53: WallSince70’s final winning margin is cut to 5 and OAG and yours truly share runners-up, me for the 2nd year running!
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