2018-2019 League Ladders Season Review Part 1


:slap:For those that at a loose end! If you want to avoid the game by game skip Parts 1 and 2 and just read Review Summary & Awards Thread.

Game 1: We turned up at The Den on 4 August 2018 for our first home game of the season against Middlesbrough hoping and confident we would build on last year’s encouraging finish.

In addition, 40 posters had registered to take part in the season’s League Ladders Competition with the hope they would be crowned Champion at the end of the season and, if they were playing for ££s, win a bucket load of money (£70 actually!).

Our fans confidence was reflected in 20 predicting home wins, 10 draws and 7 away wins. With 3 minutes of normal time remaining and The Lions coasting 2-0 in the lead our prospects looked good but 10 minutes later a draw had been snatched from the jaws of victory and the template for the rest of the season had been set.

Would the season have panned out differently if we had won that game? We’ll never know!

Nobody predicted 2-2 so the lead was shared by 10 with 3 points.

Game 2: 0-0 away to newly promoted Blackburn and Come Rain or Shine and MillwallJohn shoot to the top of the table with 6 points. Still early days!

Game 3: Home to Gillingham in the EFL Cup. All 36 posters predicted a home win and those with savvy (including yours truly) play their Home Joker confident we can steal the march on the rest. Mugs. 0-0 and 8 Home Jokers wasted:mad::slap:!

Games 4 & 5: Victory over Derby and defeat to Sheffield Wednesday sees MillwallJohn build a commanding lead after correctly forecasting a 2-1 defeat for The Lions at Hillsborough and playing his Away Joker:clap::thumbup:

Game 6: See The Lions let us down again with just 2 predicting a Rotherham victory, 6 a draw and 32 a Millwall victory. Reigning champion OnlyAGame (aka The System Man) moves ominously into 2nd place.

Game 7: Our faith is restored in The Lions when they cruise home 3-0 against Plymouth.

Game 8: Some are already losing confidence with the lads as only 16 predict a home win against Swansea. MillwallJohn increases his lead with a 0-1 prediction but losing 1-2 to 10 men at home after leading raises concerns about the rest of the season.

Game 9: And another last minute conceded goal robs us of probably the one victory we craved most in the season as we draw 1-1 with Leeds but MillwallJohn increases his lead to 7 points.

Game 10: MillwallJohn’s over-optimism sees his lead reduced 3 as “The System Man” moves back into 2nd place, one of only 2 who predicted a QPR victory.

Game 11: For the 1st time in the season more predicted we would lose than win and they were right as we go down 2-0 away to WBA. No change at the top except Come Rain Or Shine played his Away Joker and creeps into 3rd place, still 7 and 4 points behind MillwallJohn and OnlyAGame respectively.

Game 12: MillwallJohn increases his lead to 5 points and WallSince70 moves menacingly into 3rd place after Fulham convincingly dump us out of the EFL Cup.

Game 13: Deja Vu when The Lions concede 2 goals in the dying minutes to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as Sheffield United steal all 3 points from The Den. MillwallJohn extends his lead to 5 over OAG and WallSince70 consolidates his 3rd position. CROS is still in 4th place but hasn’t submitted a prediction for any of the last 4 games.

Game 14: The Lions surprise 2-2 draw with Forest catches many out but not Craywall70 those 5 points see him leap into 4th place. MillwallJohn increases his lead to 8 points over OAG who fails to submit a prediction for the only time during the season. Could this prove expensive?

Game 15: An excellent victory over Villa is greeted with much joy especially by the 13 who successfully predicted 2-1. No less than 31 predicted a home win with only 2 draws and 5 away. MillwallJohn sees his lead cut to 5 points over OAG.

Game 16: Reading upset the apple cart with a comfortable 3-1 victory. Only 3 predict a Royals victory and OAG’s system sees him reduce MillwallJohn’s lead to 3.

Game 17: Normal service is resumed as The Lions beat Wigan 2-1 with 28 forecasting a home win, of which 10 correctly predicted the score. OAG overtakes MillwallJohn at the top.

Game 18: The easiest result to forecast this season with 36 predicting a home victory over poor Ipswich. MillwallJohn was clearly on something this week because he predicted an Ipswich win and played his Home Joker:shake::slap:!!!!

Game 19: Only 4 forecast a defeat at Griffin Park as The Lions turn in a turgid performance. OAG increases his lead over MillwallJohn (who has recovered from his Ipswich game aberration) to 5 points.

Game 20: It’s no change at the head of the table with 10 of the top 11 (i.e. all bar Craywall70) predicting a Norwich victory.

Game 21: It was inevitable The Lions would turn over an appalling Bolton side, wasn’t it? WRONG! 37 forecast a home win, 1 an away win and only Unit4 correctly predicted the draw and 1-1 score:clap::clap:.

Game 22: Another abject home performance trips up the majority of predictors but not MillwallJohn or yours truly who quietly slips into 3rd place. OAG’s system is being exposed by our erratic home form and MillwallJohn cuts the lead to a single point.

Game 23: A gutsy away draw at Ashton Gate sees PurleyLion reduce OAG’s lead. Only 1 point covers the top 3.

Game 24: MillwallJohn leapfrogs OAG as a somewhat fortunate Hull City escape The Den with a draw.

Game 25: The Lions topsy turvy season continues with an unexpected (for the top 5 who all predicted a Millwall defeat) victory at Deepdale. 15 corrected forecast a Lions victory, their loyal optimism never ceases to amaze me!

Game 26: Another awayday defeat at Stoke sees a group of 4 starting to break away. WallSince70 plays his Away Joker.

Game 27: The Lions scrape home 1-0 against a poor Reading side. OAG leads Purley by a single point. MillwallJohn and WallSince 70 went for 1-1 draws!

Game 28: Another narrow victory over Forest sees OAG (his system is back working!) increase his lead to 3 points with Purley, MillwallJohn and WallSince allo losing ground.

Game 29: Only 6 predictors (including the top 3) fail to see The Lions 3-2 victory at Portman Road coming, unlike WallSince70 who edges closer to the top.

Game 30: OAG's correct Hull City win and score prediction see his lead over Purley (who forecast a Lions victory:slap:) stretch to 9. MillwallJohn and WallSince70 also lose ground but Craywall70 comes bounding back into the picture with his 5 pointer.

Game 31: Blackburn upset the form book and leave The Den with all 3 points. Bad day for predictors with 27 home wins, 7 draws and 2 away wins forecast. WallSince70 is one of the 2 that forecast an away win and moves ominously into 2nd place. OAG still has a healthy 6 point lead.

Game 32: The Lions earn a point at Middlesbrough (would have been 3 but for Morison :censor:stupidly concerning a penalty in the last minute). CrayWall70 draw forecast moves him into 3rd place.

Game 33: The Toffees came to a sticky end :grinning::whist:at The Den as The Lions claim another Premiership FA scalp. OAG increases his lead to 8 points. Special mention to Ringo-The-Lion who correctly forecast a 3-2 Millwall victory and backed his prediction at 50-1!!!!

Game 34: The game when Gregory’s dying seconds miss could have cost The Lions their Championship place next season. The miss cost OAG 4 points but he still increased his lead to 9 points for correctly predicting Rotherham wouldn’t score!

Game 35: Swansea comprehensively outplay us but we get off lightly with just a 1-0 defeat. OAG’s lead increases to 10 points but remember, “It’s never over until the fat lady sings”.

Game 36: A turgid 0-0 performance against Steve Bruce’s Wednesday outfit. Not one of the top 25 predict a draw. OAG’s lead cut to 9.

Game 37: A lack lustre 1-0 victory at AFC sees us advance into the quarter final of the FA Cup. Purley reduces OAG’s lead to 5 points.

Game 38: The Lions turn the form book upside down with an excellent 2-0 victory at Derby. WallSince70 is the big winner gaining 4 points over OAG and Purley (who loses big time after playing his Away Joker:slap::censor:)!

Game 39: The Lions are well beaten by Preston who leave The Den with 3 points. Only WallSince70, MillwallJohn and yours truly predict a Lillywhites victory. Astute or playing tactics? OAG’s lead cut to 3.

Game 40: The Tigers maul The Lions. WallSince70 and MillwallJohn correctly forecast a 2-1 defeat and move 2 points closer to OAG.

Game 41: The Canaries comprehensive victory sees OAG lose the lead he has held since 23 October as WallSince70 replaces him at the top.

Game 42: The embarrassing defeat at The Reebok sees OAG retake a lead of 2 points and with his 2 Jokers to play is reinstalled as favourite.

Game 43: None of the top 5 see The Lions returning from St Andrews with 3 points. No change.
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