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  1. J

    The Hundred

    I remember Shane Warne saying years ago that these short over formats will eventually kill off test cricket, couldn't see it myself, starting to now though!
  2. J

    The Hundred

    I thought this was a wind up when i read about it, what a joke!!
  3. J

    List one player that should of played for us....

    Chris Wood yes Paul Goddard no
  4. J

    This weather . . .

    I'll take a scorcher over freezing all day long. Though working in humidity is a cunt.
  5. J

    Fergie signs for Rovrum

    Best of luck Fergie.
  6. J

    If you could back to another period of your life

    Early 90's. Music, drugs, birds and travelling the world. Great times and not a fucking care in the world.
  7. J

    3 best nights out excluding going to wall

    A strong pill and a good rave circa 1990 Curry & Beers with mates Hanging out the back of the wife.
  8. J

    Sponsorship Named Stadiums

    Funniest one i remember was Subiaco Oval in Perth was going to get named Crazy Johns stadium, after some mobile phone company hahaha Crazy Johns ffs. Didn't happen cos the local community kicked off, weren't happy with the name hahaha.
  9. J

    Andy Fordham dies

    RIP Andy
  10. J

    The new home shirt…

    Not the best we have had, nor the worst, wouldn't wear it out personally so I've gone miss.
  11. J

    Enjoy your bank holiday, Ulster

    Health and safety goes out the window on 11th night, add the booze and drugs, total recipe for disaster. How one of these fuckers hasn't come crashing down onto houses is a miracle!!!!
  12. J

    We’ve lost another lion

    So sorry to hear this sad news. RIP little lion my heart goes out to you all.
  13. J

    A message to all my Wall brothers....

  14. J

    Conor McGregor - them's the breaks

    Shame as he's such a lovely fella.....
  15. J

    Above and beyond

    Nice one Edward, brilliant stuff.
  16. J

    Gareth’s Letter

    Didn't read his letter but find it bizarre that any football manager never mind the fucking England manager would pen an open letter to the country!!!!! Underlines how fucked football has become these days.
  17. J

    Benik Adobe

    Welcome back Robbo.
  18. J

    George Saville to return to us?

    Wow!!! Did not see this coming!!!! Brilliant news. Welcome home George!!!!!
  19. J

    England V Ukraine Match Thread

    Well played England great result!!
  20. J

    Quotes from the Charlton no life forum

    35 pages hahahaha brilliant!