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  1. mfcjohn

    Josh windass

    9 goals in 41 games is not really what we need I would rather play Smith then waste money on him or try one of our own or buy from non league and give them a go
  2. mfcjohn

    England vs Scotland 18th June 20.00 kickoff n/w

    What is funny is that people still think that Southgate picks the team
  3. mfcjohn

    England vs Scotland 18th June 20.00 kickoff n/w

    And that sums it up perfectly.
  4. mfcjohn

    Your parents job, does it still exist?

    Dad was a foreman for Anchor Butter then moved onto the same job at Beefeater Gin, lost his job there when I was born as he wanted to be at my birth, the manager said if you don't turn up to work don't bother to come back. Mum had a bunch of different jobs in various tea rooms and cafes.
  5. mfcjohn

    Fixtures for new season out tomorrow

    For years we have only ever played one home pre season game, due to the costs of putting the game on, nice that Millwall have come up with a new excuse for this season.
  6. mfcjohn

    Go funding

    Not sure Could be a fake email or could be the time you made the payment, the person/people you made it to reached their goal and didn't want to take more then they needed. I wouldn't click any links in the email though.
  7. mfcjohn

    How long have you been going Wall?

    Since 1986 A game in April v Palace won 3-2
  8. mfcjohn

    Matt Smith

    Will only play a bit part like last season, shame as we have players who would fit into a formation that would suit him, but GR wants to play crab football
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  10. mfcjohn

    My band Amaraterra doing a gig at Potters Field Park 12.45, 20 June (N/W)

    Only 119 years to get to the cup final, so just got to wait till 2106 for the next one
  11. mfcjohn

    Goodbye to a great friend

    Sorry you and your family's loss
  12. mfcjohn

    My band Amaraterra doing a gig at Potters Field Park 12.45, 20 June (N/W)

    You have a set of pipes on you, good luck with the gig, maybe we can convince you to do a cover of the Oh Millwall FA Song.
  13. mfcjohn

    Who you'd put your tenner on to win the Euro's N/W

    10 bob on anyone who wants the knee as they have already won
  14. mfcjohn

    My Nan died Sunday aged 104

    My condolences to you and your family You obviously do a lot for them, make sure you take care of yourself also RIP your Nan
  15. mfcjohn

    Daily laugh

    I just had some new ones installed myself, and the bloke who done them done the same thing
  16. mfcjohn

    Favourite top Euro country clubs

    Spain - Millwall Germany - Millwall Holland - Millwall France - Millwall Italy - Millwall
  17. mfcjohn

    Group D: Predicted England results

    Croatia: lose 2-0 Scotland: 0-0 draw Czech Republic: 1-0 loss And the people who boo will to be blame as it will affect the players in their cotton wool world
  18. mfcjohn

    Hold the ball up

    I have just been watching Millwall v Arsenal in the FA Cup 3rd round from 1994 on youtube and although Dave Mitchell was not the best player we have ever had play up top, god it would be great if we could get someone who could hold the ball up like he did, or someone with the touch of Etienne...
  19. mfcjohn

    FA cup winners, or promotion to the premier.

    Has anyone done your MO initiation questions yet?
  20. mfcjohn

    Southgate saying England fans are thick

    England won't get out of the group stage and the fans who boo will be the blame