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  1. BallBag

    Fuck 'Em All!

    Fuck 'Em All!
  2. BallBag

    Queen’s portrait n/w

    Just 5 mins in a room with the cunt, that's all I ask
  3. BallBag

    Queen’s portrait n/w

    Fukin' right it will. Cunts.
  4. BallBag

    Queen’s portrait n/w

    Fukin' disgraceful. Fuking university students, bunch of over privileged soap dodging know it all slagbuckets who know fuck all about fuck all except what their lefty commie shitcunt lecturers teach them. Fuck em all!
  5. BallBag

    Fans should boycott all England gsmes

    Have blanked the England team for years. Bunch of overpaid useless cunts. Fuck em all!
  6. BallBag

    Quotes from the Charlton no life forum

    He disabled the comments just after all the stick I gave him. LOL