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    Fixtures for new season out tomorrow

    I think, traditionally, they announce all the fixtures for all divisions on the same day. I'm sure the Championship and Div 1 fixtures are ready to go and the League has already spoken with some clubs about it, in strict secrecy, to ensure there are no problems that need a quick tweak.
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    Fixtures for new season out tomorrow

    Nope. All I checked was on what day the final was - couldn't remember if it was next Saturday or Sunday. Currently writing Whisky Bible 2022. So don't have time for trawling about - or even coming on here much, alas.
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    Fixtures for new season out tomorrow

    Mate, I did kind of hint yesterday that it was pretty much impossible, as the Football League doesn't yet know their full compliment of teams. Hartlepool are still to play Torquay to decide the final promotion place from the National into Div 4....
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    UK / Australia Trade Deal nw

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    UK / Australia Trade Deal nw

    Was it? I don't remember those of us who voted for Brexit asking the EU to become utter bullying cunts at the negotiating table, demanding that all aspects of agreement must be on their terms and in a structure they demanded before even negotiations could begin.. And then latterly come uo with...
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    UK / Australia Trade Deal nw

    And quality steaks....
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    UK / Australia Trade Deal nw

    Spoke to a couple of meat farmers around here today, as it happens. Neither losing any sleep over it. Hoping they might be able to export some of their top quality stuff, too, as this helps open up the Pacific market....
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    Doner Boys v Sheep.........s

    Thought Wales were absolutely brilliant tonight. Wouldn't mind watching their brand of football every week. Going through transitional play has you on the edge of your seat: England they are not. Amazing that their manager was sacked down the road at Northampton a year or two back when they...
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    The definitive summer transfer gossip and assorted crap from clickbait nobodies thread.

    Absolutely embarrassing, isn't it. Millwall should allow him to stay with Sutton until January to get some Football League experience.
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    Fonseca About to Become Spurs Boss.....

    .....oh well, any old Port in a storm....
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    The met old bill. You should take notice of this

    It's the way you tell 'em!
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    The met old bill. You should take notice of this

    I think you mean his brother's sister....
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    How long have you been going Wall?

    How long? Too bleedin' long....
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    Fixtures for new season out tomorrow

    Curious, seeing as they haven't even yet decided who the last entrant of Div 2 is - between Torquay and Hartlepool - this forthcoming season...
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    Scottish Keeper

    No, Obes. He was a George Petchey creation, brought in to replace our resident keeper: they had hated each other when they were at Orient together....
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    Scottish Keeper

    He has never played for us, Obes. I suspect you are thinking of Andy Marshall. Who is English.
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    Scotland vs Czech Republic 14.00 n/w

    Managed to watch only the last half hour. But thought Scotland played remarkably like Millwall in style. And were equally toothless up front. In fact, in the navy blue I could have mistaken them for us very easily.
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    Abdul Abdulmalik

    Here you go. Comes with its own guide on how NOT to write an intro.
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    England v Croatia match thread, Sunday 2pm

    How utterly thick can these people be? They are collectively deluding themselves. Every time they take The Knee, a subliminal message goes out in support of the BLM movement, whether they mean to or not. Again it is the Woke forcing their views on others with the "we're right and you're wrong...