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  1. champs08

    the moment saints fans thought they'd won it, and then...

    That was brilliant!! Don.t get me wrong, I feel slightly sea sick now, but it was very very good!
  2. champs08

    New signings

    I'm guessing quite a fkin lot.
  3. champs08

    Happy St George’s Day

    Love to all my fellow Wall fans. We fear no foe and long may that continue.
  4. champs08

    Does anyone have a car parking spot at Millwall

    Word of caution. The only game I’ve driven to in the past 10 years was at home to Burton Albion in the remeberance game with the camouflage kit. We parked outside the east stand family enclosure (blagged it because one of my mates couldn’t use his). Pissed down all the way to the den. Played...
  5. champs08


    Oh I can’t wait.
  6. champs08

    Match Thread Millwall v Bournemouth KO 6pm

    £50? And the rest. I’ll have to get 2 bags in just to stay awake.
  7. champs08

    Get ready for riots later on in the USA

    I haven’t got any sympathy for any of em. Police or the victim. There is a thing called “common sense” that is apparently not used in the US. The word I would use is “avoidable”. Officers using too much force for a situation is hardly news and drugged up idiots are also ten a penny. Now, I’m...
  8. champs08

    Players worth a punt for next season?

    We need more defensive midfielders, not goalscoring players FFS. If Rowett sees this thread, he’ll break out in a cold sweat. please delete admin.
  9. champs08

    European super league n/w

    Boris is our leader, Boris is our leader, la la la la, la la la la ! :rotfl:
  10. champs08

    European super league n/w

    To think that very clever businessmen didn’t see this coming - is beyond belief. Cannot for one minute think this was just a huge error. More to this than meets the eye. You don’t get 6 English top clubs all agreeing to do something that was so flawed - unless they were really that stupid? No...
  11. champs08

    Ben Thompson

    If he wore boots instead of slippers, he might start to improve a bit.
  12. champs08

    Proud dad

    Nice one mate! Well done her!
  13. champs08

    new league breaking news

    They hated him up there and wanted him out, so it’s a win win for the Utd fans.
  14. champs08

    Nigel words

  15. champs08

    Would you N/W

    I do hope Our own ginger midget doesn’t read this thread. He may never step foot in the Den again . . .
  16. champs08

    Would you N/W

    It would be nice to see someone on here turn up hand in hand with a midget bird at our first home game next season. Inclusion and all that :grinning:
  17. champs08

    Would you N/W

    We have 3 midget fuckers in amongst us :whist:
  18. champs08

    Daily Telegraph Cartoon Today

    Knew it would be our fault at some point :rolleyes:
  19. champs08

    European super league n/w

    As Neville said last night on MNF; the money that will be earnt out of this (if it goes ahead) will be astronomical. 150m Manu U followers worldwide, all paying £3.95 per game to watch Manu Vs Real Madrid and others each week. The punters will think its a small price to watch such a big game and...
  20. champs08

    European super league n/w

    Agree. Funny how the elite are now being discussed and the change in fan base is real!!?? Its been happening for years.