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    Going for good this time

    Unless there’s a hole in it!? 😉
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    Daily laugh

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    Mourinho Sacked !

    Gets paid monthly (not a lump sum) unless he gets another job, so Chelsea payments would have stopped.
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    Mourinho Sacked !

    Apparently that's the case mate. 😯
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    Daily laugh

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    Daily laugh

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    Match thread Brentford v Millwall KO 12-30

    Your last sentence is a bit vague so can you make it clearer? Thanks 😉🤣
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    Just Back v Brentford on iFlop

    Even Evans! 😉
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    Welcome back Kev👍 Not your Bowie but who cares 😉 🤣🤣
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    Team v Brentford

    MILLWALL boss Gary Rowett has hinted he could give players the opportunity to impress over the last five games of the season.
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    Jed Wallace

    This suggests he may be of interest elsewhere 🤔
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    Daily laugh

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    Daily laugh

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    Name The Film

    Typo I think as others are labelled as ‘self’ 😉
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    Just Back v Swansea on Sky

    Thanks I see what you mean and I think there’s a suggestion that Molly lost possession before that.
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    Just Back v Swansea on Sky

    Good summary here of the “Millwall Way” that we’ve come to expect! 👍 Rowett should have Lee as his No. 2 😉
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    The Union Jack

    What about ‘feathered and tarred’?
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    Just Back v Swansea on Sky

    Purely I can see the first two were self-inflicted but the third? As others have said Molly should have been in Ayew’s face not 10 yards off him and also show him outside ffs! Either of Mitchell’s or Coops chances could have gone in and a totally different game. Unlucky you Lions...
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    Just Back v Swansea on Sky

    Jim, "Swansea had some lucky moments" - well you can say that again! I was watching carefully throughout the game after every 50:50 ran for them in the first 10-15 mins and they got lucky with our early shots on goal which could easily have gone in. Their goal certainly led a charmed life...
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    Match thread Millwall v Swansea KO 12-30 Saturday

    When will they learn? Self-inflicted again!