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  1. Phlion54

    All quiet on the scouser front n/s

    5th defeats at home in a row........below the likes of Everton & the vermin...22 points off man shitty......can it get any better ? Can,t hear their whinny voices.....
  2. Phlion54

    To knee or not to knee.....

    More & more teams and more importantly black footballers are now not taking the knee......on Skyshit today had an interview with a black an ex black pro ....must be something to do with blm/ kick it out......defending the knee even thou we all know it's old hat....asked why he thought the the...
  3. Phlion54

    Poor old scousers. Again. N/W

    1-0 up. Dominating the game. Leicester score 3 in just over 6 to go to kwikfit cause their wheels is are certainly coming off
  4. Phlion54

    New concussion subs ...n/w

    Who will be the first team to abuse the rule with a "fake" concussion to gain an extra sub....or two....... Or am I being too cynical
  5. Phlion54

    Refs & the abuse n/w

    While the abuse is totally wrong on all levels.we are in the situation that with have a multi million pound industry controlled by a load of micky mouse officials who continue making bad decisions in every league week in ,weedk.our with no come back it seems....and instead of the old 3...