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  1. rayleighlion

    Nazanin Ratcliffe nw

    And I should care why?
  2. rayleighlion


    The Governess will be gone next, replaced by a one legged lesbian midget,of mixed race
  3. rayleighlion

    where's KEV

    Bruce Murray Brian Dear
  4. rayleighlion

    Brewing Stories N/W

    My uncle died when he fell into a vat of beer, funny thing is he got out twice to have a piss
  5. rayleighlion

    Shamima begun

    Appeal dismissed 😀😃😄
  6. rayleighlion

    They need protecting from charlton

    And to think those northern pricks stick them down their trousers
  7. rayleighlion

    Gordon Ramsay game show

    I was gonna watch it, then i remembered I had some paint I had to watch dry.
  8. rayleighlion

    Pick 3 only

    Bart Jed Evans
  9. rayleighlion

    Match Thread Luton v Millwall KO 7- 45

    Bradshaw ,Bod & Romeo, as useful as a nun's tits.
  10. rayleighlion

    Club shop sale

  11. rayleighlion

    Daily laugh

    I'm reading a book about anti gravity, I just can't put it down.
  12. rayleighlion

    Long time lurker

    He cant spell, must be old bill :police:
  13. rayleighlion

    February 23rd Quiz

    Whatever whisky answers , is my answer
  14. rayleighlion

    Best ever ( or your favourite ) films

    Flight of the phoenix 12 Angry men War of the worlds
  15. rayleighlion

    Lyle Taylor

    Has called the BLM Marxist and won't be taking the knee anymore
  16. rayleighlion

    Zaha talking sense........

    Actually I think he spoke a lot of sense, I can't see that prick Deeney saying that.