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    Shamima begum

    i just made a tribute under the captain tom thread and this pig and all the other pigs that support her are cowrds with no backbone,they should be kicked out they are not fit for human purpose unlike capt tom who will be remembered for all his good he had done.
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    Captain Tom

    R.I.P. to a true man,who left this world fighting to the end weather it was on the battlefield or helping a good cause. just pure actions and not just words. many should look up to him and take his example.
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    Mr Potato Head.

    lunatics are running the show and being supported by freaks of nature.
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    Luton manager

    horrible place,we should have done a better job in the 80s the best thing they could do, is fence it off to the outside world.
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    26 years employed

    ALL the best,just to get away from pc meetings will lift alot of stress from you and if you have made decent contacts over the years you will be okay for the work. if you graftand i am sure you do,you wont go wrong.
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    Rowett lover's

    i dread to think what his teamtalk is like ,the fella is a bore. He looks more like a undertaker than a football boss.
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    Best ever ( or your favourite ) films

    long good friday zulu catch me if you can one who flew over the cuckoos nest
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    17th may fans allowed back into sports grounds

    be nice to see leeds go down by then and their fans,wouldnt have seen one gamelive. The return to the big
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    Best British Actor/Actress

    tbh cant stand jones lol Anthony hopkins for me.
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    they should get off there backsides and do some work the lazy gits. i never forget that fa cup final ticket queue,fucking 4 windows open and some staff on the level above just looking out. most of the queue was yelling for them to open more windows. its not as if they have been doing macth...
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    Best British Actor/Actress

    vinnie jones.....
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    FAO Rangers lads n/w

    i never have been a 2 club man, but i am grateful for the scots in finding a football club called Millwall on the island. That footage was impressive and when i was in glasgow many years ago via a hoilday, whilst the other half went shopping,i planned to go on a ground of rangers and celtic...
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    Prince Phillip

    maybe shes remote controlled,sometimes she does not look with it or maybe shes at the dope,big time.
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    James McClean targeted

    theres alot of good irish people but this cunt spoils it, how long would he have lasted at the old den. some one would have laid him out defo.
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    When Birmingham is ever mentioned still

    yes,went over there and a very active night
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    Annoying Habits N/W

    my one eating cornflakes, it sounds like a fucking earthquake coming down the river and even the docks used to stop. the only thing i got from her on valentine,was a dirty look from her boat with a face as long as a milk round. 35 yrs of love/
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    Teams you hate that little bit more

    gillingham, its just the place,fans its just a non descriptive area. I n fact i have only be there twice in all the years i have followed millwall and when we play them at home,they just wind me up.
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    I've arrived and to prove it I'm here

    welcome from the o.a.p. dockers club
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    1960-61 footage of Wall v P'Boro with pitch invasion

    we was right ankle biters in those days, all mischeif from the island to the old den and no wonder we was a tight mob,always looking out for each other. great days as a young un, good find CR70s
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    LIONS PRIDE Sean Ash hoping to unite Millwall and West Ham

    a bit to deep rooted,to ever get on and it shows in the history of the areas and past encounters not just at football matches,for me personally. i donated to a little one who needed help who was a hammer some years ago however i did so as a indiviual however this so call " to unite " ffs...