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  1. BT-Steve


    Do a deal with Bradshaw going back? Might swing it? He's out of contract at the end of the season, we might get him on a free?
  2. BT-Steve

    Your team and formation

    Bart McNamara Tiensia Cooper Muller Woods Thompson Leonard Mitchell Zahore Bradshaw 4-4-2 I would sell or release all the rest, but I'd keep all the u23's
  3. BT-Steve

    Katie price

    Whatever she gets up to in her sex life and all that is up to her as an individual. As a mother she still cares for her disabled son, the same as me and others in the same position. No one is perfect, but she at one point was very rich and could have easily put him in a home for the rest of his...
  4. BT-Steve

    Katie price

    You should never judge without knowing all the facts.
  5. BT-Steve

    Assuming Rowett does the decent thing and resigns tonight.........

    The players are dire. The players constantly look unfit, and we are outpaced by every team we play. I would be tempted to drop the lot of them, play the u23's and see what happens. The group of players and the coaching staff seem dire which is down to the management. Fed up with people digging...
  6. BT-Steve

    Wholesale changes.

    Nigel Pearson would be my first choice. The players at our club never ever look fit to me. They are always slower than any opposition we play, and they just don't appear to be very fit. Rowett has lost the dressing room and the plot. Was Davidson the brains of the pair? I also think its time up...
  7. BT-Steve

    Katie price

    As a father of disabled children, she shouldn't be criticised as she has always been there for Harvey. Its a bloody hard job, and most days are nightmares and the help you get is virtually zero. His father is a disgrace a bit like my children's ex partners. It's very easy to walk away from...
  8. BT-Steve


    Breathing issues Tony? Surly shouldn't be having this type of issue its dangerous.
  9. BT-Steve


    Brother in law had it on Tuesday, off work bodily ill now only 62, he wasn't ill before hand? Mother in law 85 had it last week, couldn't breathe properly for 2 days after? I'm still not convinced about all this?
  10. BT-Steve

    At last some good news n/w

    Wow! I was feeling a bit down, this has cheered me right up. Well done them lads, but blind him next time, and finish off the time after that.
  11. BT-Steve

    Still think boris & his expertz got it right ?

    Tony_Dolby speaks so much sense and gets it so right every time. I feel so sorry for Boris. What other PM has had to put up with the continual things he's had to deal with.
  12. BT-Steve


    If is wasn't for them you would be speaking German now. The German forces would have overrun us if it wasn't for the USA. We should never forget that, they helped us when we were in dire need.
  13. BT-Steve


    They have overnight become a 3rd world nation, no better than Mugabe's Zimbabwe.
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  15. BT-Steve

    EU double standards...

    Lets hope we also do a trade deal with China. Does anyone do trade deals with Russia? A huge country that would be worth trading with. We have far greater enemies in the world than Russia, most being in the middle and far east who we trade with?
  16. BT-Steve

    SIR Lewis Hamilton n/w

    A PC decision. Way way to early to be knighted, maybe in another 10yrs not yet, all pc bollocks yet again.
  17. BT-Steve

    It is whiskey. Sister has got my Mum to write me out of her will as I had a row with her 7 weeks...

    It is whiskey. Sister has got my Mum to write me out of her will as I had a row with her 7 weeks ago. Unfortunately my Mum died on Saturday, but for years it was always going to be 50/50 split, now its all going to her family. Need to know what rights I've got. Ironically only me and my sister...