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  1. wellers_shot

    Great Film

    Watched Sea of Sand the other day, never realised how much Richard Attenborough looked like Keith Lemon in it.
  2. wellers_shot

    Sir lewis hamilton

    It's no accident that F1 continuously pumps out champions that win race after race during their particular era. The car and the team are key. Similar to when jockeys win races time and time again when they ride for the best yards. Hamilton's achievement was getting himself into a position to...
  3. wellers_shot

    Pritta Parel ..the bully n/w

    Isn't it a class of bullying the way the left wing media interview government ministers .
  4. wellers_shot

    Bath or shower?

    To me a hot 30/45 minute uninterupted bath with some bath salts or radox muscle soak thrown in gives you the time to gather the days thoughts and plan ahead. Much better than a quick shower which feeds the 100 mile an hour life style we are leading these days.
  5. wellers_shot

    Proper Crumpet.

    One for our Welsh readers
  6. wellers_shot

    Des O'Connor

    His appearances on The Morecambe and wise show were always quality.
  7. wellers_shot

    Des O'Connor

    Millwall fan. Anyone remember his regular article in the match programs 'from floodlight to footlight'...
  8. wellers_shot

    Dominic Cummings n/w

    Cummings always said he would go at the right time.Campaigns are his strength which he was pivotal in Brexit and Boris winning the election. He never was one for the general running of the party, well done Boris for seeing that and acting on it. Brexit will happen but with give and take from...
  9. wellers_shot

    Proper Crumpet.

    Carrie Symonds..... But would you go in after Boris?
  10. wellers_shot

    Vaccine imminent by end of month

    Funny how the vaccine appears once Trump has gone. If they had announced it two weeks ago you would have seen a different result with the US elections. Something stinks with the timing.
  11. wellers_shot

    Trump v Biden match thread N/W

    I see jug ears has gone into overdrive putting about 10 piss taking tweets up about Trump. Can't understand why anyone pays for a BBC license anymore.
  12. wellers_shot

    The end of the world

    Julian clarey has also been chosen for the remake of the film 'Shaft'.
  13. wellers_shot

    Match thread Norwich v Millwall

    Shots 13 them 1 us
  14. wellers_shot


    I wonder if Earl Spencer will get a better result than Tommy Robinson got when Panarama shafted him...
  15. wellers_shot

    Trump v Biden match thread N/W

    Makes me laugh when he does that little jog on stage and puts on the aviators to mask how old he is.
  16. wellers_shot

    Trump v Biden match thread N/W

    Think Trump will play a 4-5-1 with Pence up front and take Owens up the back.
  17. wellers_shot

    National lock down from Wednesday?

    Media spouting the same old shit saying BJ is doing a massive U turn. Even though he has always said this is a possibility if people refuse to follow the guidance and the virus gets out of control above the 1.1 R rate.
  18. wellers_shot

    Match Thread Preston v Millwall

    When has two up ever been enough
  19. wellers_shot

    Match Thread Preston v Millwall

    Would you prefer woods or saville
  20. wellers_shot

    Trump peace prize - NW